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Welcome to the AiGfxLab home page, hosted by SourceForge. This project has recently been converted to an open source license (GNU GPL), and is currently undergoing preparation for public consumption (CVS setup, rudimentary documentation, etc.)  Please stay tuned!  To whet your appetite, here's a screen shot:

This application is a VisualC++/MFC application for Windows, and is designed as a lightweight "shell" host for several different plug-in types, such as file format, color space, and image processors. There are currently 23 plugins included with the project, with many more planned (and hopefully created by others too! Any programming language that can create Windows DLL's that support import/export of "C"-type API's can be employed). Please visit the AiGfxLab Project Page on SourceForge for up-to-the-minute information.

News - 2003.07.15 - Plugin API documentation for developers, now available online!
News - 2003.07.17 - Plugin SDK for C++ documentation for developers, underway... 

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